Excellent PPT works to enjoy: to help you harvest the success of the six kinds of thinking

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Excellent PPT works to enjoy: to help you harvest the success of the six kinds of thinking

Excellent PPT works to enjoy: to help you harvest the success of the six kinds of thinking slide download;
PPT Author: Andy Guo;
Help you harvest the success of the six kinds of thinking PPT Content brief introduction:
The history of the first control of the dynamic manned flight was recognized by the Wright brothers on December 17, 1903 completed.
Despite having failed hundreds of times before, they never gave up their dreams. If you give up, the inventor of modern aircraft will change for others.
Reason may make it impossible for us to convince ourselves something before we do our best.
We will first surrender in my heart: I will not, I can not complete!
The indulgence of those who think so will fail, because they stop the attempt to succeed.
How do you determine your own ideas and do not hinder you from realizing the dream process?
And we come together to explore the six kinds of thinking to help you succeed it
1, clear their own limitations
Obstacles and limitations are different, the former can be overcome, while the latter can not. For example, the blind can not drive. The real limitations are few, and the obstacles are numerous. Knowing your limitations can prevent you from trying to reach the impossible goal.
2, to develop plans
A good plan is a secret weapon that overcomes the psychological hurdles. Once you have a plan and are determined to do so, your feelings and thoughts are no longer important at a particular time, because you can simply tell yourself: as planned.
3, so that your target visualization
If you spend enough time to consider your goal, you can use your own heart to see, touch, taste and smell that goal, you will not easily give up. The desire to achieve the goal will give you enough perseverance to overcome even the most daunting obstacles.
4, ignore the suspicion of others
Successful people have a natural ability: ignore the suspicion of others, not let the negative emotions about their own decisions. The losers are mainly because they are not brave enough, in the eyes of others in doubt.
People have limited time, so do not live for others. Do not be dogmatic, do not live in the concept of others. The most important thing is to bravely follow their own mind and intuition. - Steve Jobs
5, embrace a positive attitude
Stay away from any person, thing, or location that will dampen the enthusiasm, so that you can integrate as much constructive as possible. Choose a positive reading, make an optimistic friend. Listen to the optimism of the optimist, ignoring the blame of the pessimist.
6, understand the fear of emotions
Fear will bring about the obstacles in the imagination. Fear that we can not introduce ourselves (fear of being rejected), dare not take risks in business (fear of failure), dare not experience the wonderful things (fear of the unknown).
The key to overcoming fear is:
Realize that fear is indeed in your heart, to find the root of fear.
The next time you have doubts about your thoughts, ask yourself whether the fear is the only reason for your hesitation.

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