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Excellent slideshow appreciation: Life needs to plan PPT download

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Chapter 1 Overview of Life
Life is a life by many of the composition of the track;
Life is to travel, where you want to decide what you can see the scenery;
Life is like a book, everyone is their own author; life is like a play, everyone is their own director.
Inamori Kazuo said that the era of chaos and impetuous, the most needed is to fundamentally question "why people alive"? It is as difficult as a desert in the water or nothing in the rapids. But I believe that only a simple and straightforward question has a deeper meaning.
The purpose of life can be understood as what people want to achieve in their lifetime what kind of results.
Is living in a certain historical conditions of the people, on the "why people alive," the fundamental problem of life awareness and answer. It is the core of life, it determines and affects people what kind of life path (life planning).
Life I, grass spring, to wind and rain, to like dust, why? But "happy" word.
If we choose the joy of the front, we often "now have drunk now drunk, no matter tomorrow is right and wrong";
If we want to choose long-term happiness, we need to work hard in the moment, "after the rain and rain see the rainbow";
If we choose their own happiness, we "poor is immune", "rich is hard to migrate";
If we choose "independence music is not as good as music," we "no half acre, worry about the world", and finally expect the end of the "up to the economy and the world";
If we pursue the meaning of life, the pursuit of a sense of accomplishment full of happiness, we raised the "dream" of the banner, and dedicated to the pursuit.


Chapter 2 Overview of Life Planning
Life planning is the essence of their own life to do the designer, planning their own life vision, drawing their own life blueprint, is - to do their own life director
Life planning, also known as career planning, in the West has more than 100 years of history. In Taiwan, career planning education has also been integrated into primary school to university education and counseling system.
Life planning, the development of the earlier, the more detailed steps, the more likely to achieve their dreams. The earlier the development, the more time to work harder, faster to form their own professional advantages, and the form of change, but also have time to adjust the life plan, or take a detour, encounter setbacks, not afraid.

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