"Small seed" picture book story

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"Small seed" picture book story

Autumn came, the wind blowing, the flowers are high up the seeds, brought to the distance. In the middle of these seeds, there is a particularly small, smaller than all other seeds. Can this little seed keep up with other seeds? Where will these seeds go?

A seed is particularly high flying, flying higher. It was so high that the hot sun burned it. Our little seed continues to travel with the other seeds.

Another seed stopped at the high iceberg. The ice on the hills does not grow, the seeds can not grow. The rest of the seeds continue to fly, but our little seed no other seeds fly so fast.

Now the seeds are flying over the sea. A seed fell into the sea, drowned. Other seeds floating in the wind, but our little seeds no other seeds fly high.

A seed falls into the desert. The big desert is hot and dry, and the seeds can not grow. Now, our little seed has been flying very low, but by the wind it can keep up with other seeds.

The wind finally stopped, the seeds were leisurely fell to the ground. A bird walks through and takes a seed. Our little seeds are not eaten, it is too small, birds are invisible.

The seeds are fixed to their seats by long distance travel. It seems that they are going to winter in the ground. Snow, and the seeds covered with soft white quilt. A hungry mouse in the ground to eat a grain of lunch. Our little seed lying on the ground motionless, the mouse did not see it.

A few months have passed, winter snow, spring comes! The birds came, the sun came out, the spring rain came down. The seeds began to grow up, they became round and drum, and some began to crack. Now they are no longer seeds, they are plants. First, they put the roots down to the ground; then they grow small stems and leaves, toward the air and the sun. There is a plant that is originally a fat and big seeds, it looks faster than other new plants. It took away all the sun and rain, so that it was on the edge of a small plant died.

Our little seed is not sprouting yet. Come on, too late! Finally, small seeds grow into plants.

The long sunshine and the warm weather of the spring brought the children to the wild to the game. what! One of the children did not notice the plants of the spring, and in the run he cut off a plant. This plant can no longer grow.

Our little seed grows small plants grows fast, but its neighbors grow faster. Small plants only three leaves when the neighbors have seven! Look! bud! Oh, the flowers are open! what's wrong? After a footsteps, covered with a shadow, then, one hand stretched over, picked the flowers!

Turned out to be a boy gave the flowers to the girlfriend.

Small seed grow into plants grow alone, it is long ah, long ah, all the time non-stop. The sun shines on it, the rain dries it. It has a lot of leaves, and the longer it is. Higher than people! Higher than the tree! Much higher than the house! Now it also grows a flower. People in the neighborhood, and even distant people are looking at this flower. This is the tallest flower they've ever seen, it's a giant flower!

Throughout the summer, birds, bees, butterflies are kept to visit, they have never seen so great, so nice flowers!

Another fall.

The day is getting shorter and the night is getting longer. The wind blows the red leaves of the red, and the petals fall from the great flowers and fall with the colored leaves to the ground.

The wind is more tight. The huge flower almost lost all its petals. It shook it in the wind and lowered his head. Another gust of wind blowing, this time, fruit pods open, countless small seeds fly out from the inside, the wind drifted.

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