"It does not matter" Picture book story

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"It does not matter" Picture book story

"Neighbor A Jian missed me for no reason, the dog flushed my mouth, the plane will fall from the sky, terrible bacteria everywhere are ... ..."

Fortunately, "I" have grandfather. Every time I "I" sick, by the bully, or was frightened by the dog, grandfather always said: "It does not matter, it does not matter." This is the grandfather taught "I" spell, it created a lot of miracles. Unconsciously, once let the little boy fear and worry about the stumbling block, are slowly in the "no matter, it does not matter" magic disappeared. No longer cowardice and fear, because he understood: even if the language barrier, the mind can be connected; the world is not so bad.

Is the grandfather's love and open-minded to help the little boy. The picture of the grandfather is like a tree, always in every possible way to guard the grandson, a small reader can feel at ease, appreciate love. No matter what difficulties the little boy encountered, do not have to worry or fear, because there is always a voice in his ear sounded: "It does not matter, it does not matter." Grandpa is full of loving look like a warm haven, ready to let every child docked The

However, Grandpa is not high above the umbrella. He will squat down and the children together to find the secret in the grass, with the observation of the ants to move, but also squat down to tell the little boy: "It does not matter, it does not matter." Grandpa and the boy is always equal together, a slowly grow , A gradually old, the reincarnation of life to complete the love of perfection.

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